School Clubs and activities are another way to nurture children's social skills. They provide opportunities and experiences that are beneficial to students' development and awareness. Little Muheji School has a range of school clubs to which the students are encouraged to join anyone of their choice.

The clubs' activities are not only limited to the school premises but also in the school's surrounding communities. This helps students to feel the gratification of helping others and also being apart of something accomplished.

Below are some of the  clubs available at Little Muheji school;


Writers' Club
We have a writers' club at school which enhances the creativity of these pupils.


Scounts Club
We have a scouting club at school which enhances the creativity of these pupils. They carry out activities which include networking with other scouts in the country. The pupils are proud of what they are.


English Club

English is the official language of our country. We make it our aim to see that each pupil can easily express himself/herself in English. Most of the pupils can easily speak english even when they are not at the school campus. There is a club of English which increases the confidence of these pupils to use english as their common means of dialogue.